Bed Bugs Treatment


Bed Bugs Treatment

The bed bugs in your home may be the bane of your existence. You need a way to get rid of them, and fast! Luckily for you, there is DC’s best bed bug exterminator on staff who can help you out with all your pest problems. Our team will come into your home or business and use their extensive knowledge to find and exterminate all of the bed bugs, their eggs, and even any other pests that may be giving you grief. We can help with bed bug extermination in your home or business for a fair price.

Where Bed Bugs Hide

Bed bugs love to hide in mattresses and bed frames. They also like cracks on the wall, furniture seams and other tight places where they can squeeze themselves into. You may find them hiding behind baseboards as well. Bed bugs will feed every five or six days so if you do not see any signs of an infestation then it is possible that bed bugs are still present in the home but simply hidden away. Bed bug eggs can lay dormant for up to a year without feeding before they hatch into adults and continue an infestation.

Efficient Bed Bug Removal

The guidance that we offer our clients before treatment is something that should be taken seriously. It serves as a precaution to ensure that the work is done effectively. We will do our part, but we also need our clients to do their part. You have to take it just as seriously as we take our job in getting rid of the problem. We can work with you to ensure that you have met the pre-treatment guidelines before we start the process of eliminating your bed bug infestation.


We are a local Washington D.C. extermination company, handling thousands of exterminations annually. Our exterminators have the expertise needed to completely remove the bed bugs, which is why we are the most preferred and the most widely used exterminating company in the D.C. area. We take a systematic approach to effectively address your needs. While the extent of everyone’s problem will differ, the problem is the same. We use safe methods to eliminate your bed bug infestation. Whether it is a home or a commercial business that requires our assistance, we are happy to help. When you hire DC’s Best Bed Bugs Exterminator, you can hire us confidently knowing that we will be effective in our efforts.


When we are successful in treating the problem, the customer often goes on to also recommend our service to friends and family.

Quality Customer Service

Whenever you rely on DC's Best Bed Bugs Exterminator, you will never have to worry about anyone becoming irritated or frustrated with you because you're asking us questions about how to prepare your home or business for our services. We offer quality customer service by taking the time that is needed to help you effectively prepare the property for treatment. This can be a long, tedious job, but we will be here for you every step of the way. Regardless of how many times you call us, you will always be met by a knowledgeable, calm, and helpful associate.