Bed Bug Exterminators


Bed Bug Exterminators

Bed bug exterminators specifically target bed bugs, meaning the exterminator will have experience working as a professional exterminator. However, they focus on targeting bed bugs and their associated infestation in particular–specifically those of any size. The extent to which a property is infested with bedbugs affects what must be done to eradicate them for good.

Bed bugs are a pest that most people want gone as soon as possible, but they can be difficult and time-consuming to exterminate. Bed Bug Exterminators starts with identifying their hiding place, so you know where to focus your efforts. Once we’re 100% sure it’s bedbugs, the Exterminatorsprocess can continue. We’ll use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any eggs and larvae in your mattress, pillows or furniture as well as spraying chemicals on bedbugs themselves. This is one of the best ways to eliminate them for good while also keeping you safe from their bites along with other people staying in your house who might be at risk.

The process of getting rid of bedbugs is a lot more involved than simply spraying them with chemicals or using bug bombs, so it’s important to know as much information about how they spread and what you can do. Bed bugs are attracted by the scent that humans emit from their skin and hair, so bedding needs to be washed in hot water, clothes must be washed in high temperatures and any other furniture items that have been sat on should also be treated. The bugs themselves can cause allergic reactions or more serious illnesses so it’s important to kill them as soon as possible.

What Method Works Best For Exterminating Bed Bugs

There are essentially two main methods that we offer. You can use heat treatment or bed bug spray to be able to alleviate your bed bug problems. Heat treatment could potentially be regarded as the most effective procedure. There is no way that bed bugs or their eggs can survive at very high temperatures. That doesn’t mean though that using different forms of bed bug spray can’t be a good option.

Why Bed Bug Spray Could Be A Good Idea

If you have a less severe bed bug issue spray can or chemical Exterminators can be a good option for a multitude of reasons. Usually, the prepping process and the process of actually getting everything done is much quicker. You’ll be able to get back to the rooms in your house within no time. Ideally, you’ll just wait a bit to allow the odors and the chemicals themselves to dissipate. For the most part, this type of procedure is also going to cost less than full heat treatment. That’s certainly another thing to consider. Especially if your bed bug problem is not overly severe.


We are a local Washington D.C. extermination company, handling thousands of exterminations annually. Our exterminators have the expertise needed to completely remove the bed bugs, which is why we are the most preferred and the most widely used exterminating company in the D.C. area. We take a systematic approach to effectively address your needs. While the extent of everyone’s problem will differ, the problem is the same. We use safe methods to eliminate your bed bug infestation. Whether it is a home or a commercial business that requires our assistance, we are happy to help. When you hire DC’s Best Bed Bugs Exterminator, you can hire us confidently knowing that we will be effective in our efforts.


When we are successful in treating the problem, the customer often goes on to also recommend our service to friends and family.

Quality Customer Service

Whenever you rely on DC's Best Bed Bugs Exterminator, you will never have to worry about anyone becoming irritated or frustrated with you because you're asking us questions about how to prepare your home or business for our services. We offer quality customer service by taking the time that is needed to help you effectively prepare the property for treatment. This can be a long, tedious job, but we will be here for you every step of the way. Regardless of how many times you call us, you will always be met by a knowledgeable, calm, and helpful associate.