Bed Bug Exterminator Cost


Bed Bug Exterminator Cost

It is reasonable to be curious about how much it will cost to get rid of bed bugs, especially if you are currently dealing with an infestation. Various factors go into the final cost of treating bed bugs, which our helpful associates at DC’s Best Bed Bugs Exterminator is happy to discuss with you in detail. What we wouldn’t want you to do is ignore the problem or think that it will go away if you don’t do anything about it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Call us for pricing today!

National Cost of Bed Bug Extermination

On a national level, bed bug extermination will cost between $350-$500, with the average cost being approximately $400. However, these are approximate averages that can change based on the extent of the problem. Some may only spend $175 on services that they need to get rid of an infestation problem. However, the problem could be so extensive that it could cost up to $1,235. Keep in mind that pricing also varies due to the geographic area where you are located. Here in Washington D.C., our bed but treatment costs are in line with national averages.

Removal Cost

The hourly rate will usually cost around $175. The average cost is $166-$190 an hour. At the low-end, the hourly rate usually starts at $145 an hour. The high-end hourly rate will cost $225 an hour. Some service providers may charge less, some may charge more. However, a professional company will only offer a rate after they have performed an inspection to determine the extent of your infestation. This will enable them to provide you with a reasonable rate based on the amount of work involved in successfully removing your bed bug infestation.

Cost Factors

Many things factor into the cost of bed bug extermination. It includes things such as the number of rooms the infestation is in, the extent of the infestation, the amount of furniture in the infected area, the way the property is constructed, and the condition (cleanliness) of the area infected. Our exterminator will do a walkthrough with you before offering you a quote. This enables us to evaluate the space, and recommend the treatment that will be most appropriate for your situation. You can expect to receive the most affordable bed bug treatments by relying on DC’s Best Bed Bugs Exterminator.

Affordable Bed Bug Services

You are assured of getting what you pay for when you rely on us for your bed bug treatment needs. We can prove this by providing you with the names of hundreds of very satisfied customers. If you want efficient and affordable bed bug treatments in Washington D.C., make sure that you give us a call to help with your service needs. We will carefully consider the variety of factors that will contribute to our decision about how much we will charge for your service needs. However, rest assured that we will work with you to make sure your problem is effectively resolved.


We are a local Washington D.C. extermination company, handling thousands of exterminations annually. Our exterminators have the expertise needed to completely remove the bed bugs, which is why we are the most preferred and the most widely used exterminating company in the D.C. area. We take a systematic approach to effectively address your needs. While the extent of everyone’s problem will differ, the problem is the same. We use safe methods to eliminate your bed bug infestation. Whether it is a home or a commercial business that requires our assistance, we are happy to help. When you hire DC’s Best Bed Bugs Exterminator, you can hire us confidently knowing that we will be effective in our efforts.


When we are successful in treating the problem, the customer often goes on to also recommend our service to friends and family.

Quality Customer Service

Whenever you rely on DC's Best Bed Bugs Exterminator, you will never have to worry about anyone becoming irritated or frustrated with you because you're asking us questions about how to prepare your home or business for our services. We offer quality customer service by taking the time that is needed to help you effectively prepare the property for treatment. This can be a long, tedious job, but we will be here for you every step of the way. Regardless of how many times you call us, you will always be met by a knowledgeable, calm, and helpful associate.